About Us

At Veteran's Floor Care, LLC we take pride in our clients hard surface flooring. As Veteran's we strive to be the best, and hold a high standard amongst our employees. We offer top notch cleaning, sealing, buffing, and waxing of tile, laminate and hardwood floors. With our customized work we are able to protect your floors from scratching, scuffing and certain staining for years to come. As you can see in our pictures the floors went from being dull and lifeless to looking brand new. We are a veteran owned commercially insured small business. Give us a call today at (470)997-0656 for a free estimate.

DUSTIN - Owner/Operator

Dustin was medically retired from the US Air Force after 10 years of service. He completed several tours of duty overseas including a year long deployment to Iraq. After retiring from the military he spent time with his two small children. He has been a Scoutmaster with his sons local Boy Scout Troop for the last few years and regularly volunteers within the community. He has also been a coach of his kids various sports teams. He started in the floor cleaning and restoration 5 years ago and liked the job so much he founded Veteran's Floor Care, LLC.

CHELSIE-Marketing/Sales Manager

Chelsie spent 15 years in the Air Force both overseas and stateside. After separating from the military she moved to Georgia to be closer to family and friends. She likes to spend her free time horseback riding, and being outdoors.