Tile and Grout


First we treated the grout with our special grout cleaner to allow it the time to penetrate the dirt. We then used our larger buffer with special tile pad to clean the entire floor. To finish we went over the heavily soiled grout with our small agitator.


After the homeowner was satisfied with the floors cleanleniss we moved on to sealing. First we apply two coats of our special hard surface tile and grout sealer. Since the tile is nonporous this special sealer gives something for the wax to hold onto. We finish with two coats of sealer wax. This floor will be protected for years to come, even with the heaviest of foot traffic.

We use our large buffer with our special tile and grout cleaner to clean your tile floor back to it's original look. We use our small agitator machine to hit any tough spots in the grout. Once your Ceramic or Porcelain Tile is cleaned to your satisfication we apply two coats of our hard surface sealer and two coats of our sealer wax. This will protect your grout and tile from staining, scratches, and scuff marks.