Fair and Honest Pricing

Our pricing varies from job to job. It depends on size of job, type of floor, how dirty it is, how much wax is on it, and what type of wax was used. If your floor is newer it will likely be cheaper than the decades old floor with decades of consumer grade acrylic wax. Industry standard is around $2 a square foot for wax removal, generally we are priced more into the $0.50 a square foot range.  

Average Pricing *

Clean/Wax removal $0.50 SqFT

Sealer Wax Application $0.50 SqFT

Hard Surface Sealer (Stone and Tile) $0.75 SqFT

We accept most major credit cards, CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, and Cash. **

*Prices are subject to change with out notice.

**Some payment services have a fee such as Credit Card processing have a 3% surcharge

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